Our New Seasonal Coffee

In the last few weeks we have seen some very exciting new coffees land in the roastery.

One partiular coffee we are very excited to have on board has been sourced through Silo Coffee warehouse in Melbourne. Silo are committed to sourcing premium, high-end coffees from around the globe and paying farmers and communities top dollar for their hard work in ensuring that their are no shortcuts taken when it comes to growing, harvesting and processing. Win for the farmers, win for us – the consumers! The coffee itself comes from Guascupusca in Honduras – about 200km west from the capital Tegucigalpa – and is grown at an altitude of 1750masl. The farmer’s name is Mary Chui and she tends to the land with her sons ever since her husband passed away in 2004. They used to sell the coffee as cherry, but found that this didn’t offer them good returns. Since then, they have installed their own wet mill and started to cup their own coffees. Through this, they have been alerted to the high quality of coffee that is growing on the farm


Mary Chui

Mary Chui pictured with her sons



Mary Chui 2

Coffee trees at Finca Mary Chui

This is the coffee we are using exclusively at The Barun, and serving it for all of our milk based espresso beverages. It is also highly delicious as a black coffee too

In the cup you are greeted with a wine-like body followed by a slight spicyness, rich red berry fruit notes and finishing with a nice plum-like acidity

This is a limited run of 7x70kg bags, so we’ll miss her once she is gone.

Available in 250g retail bags in store only for $17.00 – Whole Bean or Ground to your brewing specifictions

Mother’s Day – Sunday 11 May

Treat mum with her favourite breakfast and coffee to kick start her day (everything tastes better when someone else does the dishes!).

On the day our full menu will be available, along with some delicious specials, and each mum will receive a little gift from us to complete her morning.

On Mother’s Day we accept bookings of all sizes so whether it is a large group or just you & mum, we recommend you book early to avoid disappointment. Bookings start at 9am & are taken every half hour through until midday. Can’t make it in on Sunday? You are welcome to place a booking for Saturday anytime from 8am through until 2pm.